Our map is unique, for the most part as it will only show businesses listed on our website. Our map is all about and as we grow so will the search results on the web.


Something you not always see with other directories is a Dashboard like ours! Not only can you see counts of visitors, you can create alerts, discounts, menus, quote request and a few other goodies!


Why do we love Texas so much? Simple.. the creator of the directory was born in Texas and used to bring corn to the local gin in Hutto, Texas with his grandfather at age 7. He raised his own child that graduated from HHS.


Being web designers at heart, our directory helps show others what we can do. At the same time we're promoting local businesses as a way to show our support. Collectively working together is a win for everyone!


We started the directory in Hutto,Texas in 2004 and now in the fall of 2019 we've grown to the entire State of Texas! We're now


Now that we've expanded our directory we're still providing a free basic account and now a Pro account with amazing tools with increased SEO content for your listing.

My business is listed on Local Texas Business Directory but I not find it on the map how do I fix this?

Please contact us and provide your correct address, we’ll investigate and fix for you. If we have any questions, we’ll contact you and once fixed we’ll notify you.

What kind of reports are provided, how do I find them?

Easy, simply log into your user Dashboard and check the menu for statistics that include visits to your listing, clicks to your website and more. Simply depends on the plan your controls your dashboard menu abilities.

That’s great to love Hutto, but I wonder why offer other cities in the are to be listed?

In short, we’re a business and have you ever thought about how many people shop, eat or do business in Hutto? Could they remain open in business if only Hutto residence were allowed to shop there?

Search engine results, when someone in Round Rock searches the web and finds a listing on our directory the visitor also will notice other listings on the directory.  Interconnecting, networking will gain more organic seo for the directory.

How does this work promoting businesses as a web developer?

Rather than us promote our own web services our goal is to promote local businesses that sign up for the directory but also seek web design for their own business. Our website was designed by Lawrence Web Designs and they can help you look good and save money too!

What exactly is the future of the directory?

Now that we’ve officially re-launched the site we’ve got plans on how we’re going to grow the awareness of the directory, increase user interactivity and empower business owners to create their own Ad within the directory fully automated. We’re not just back, we’re going to evolve and continue to improve results.

Why does Local Texas Business Directory offer free listings?

Just like you can add your business to Google here. We want to offer something special to Texas businesses.  We do ask if you’d kindly consider linking your website to your listing to help promote the Local Texas Business Directory.

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