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The Purple Hippo Store is all about making something unique. You’re invited to change our logo, text on the items on our store to whatever you like. There are limitations, take time to read and review while building.

It’s free to join.
It’s free to build.
It’s also on sale daily.

The Purple Hippo Store

Support and Discount Offers are on our store link above.

Q Can I replace the text, images on the items?

Yes, you can use whatever you have the rights to use. There are copyright checks, sometimes it might take 1 business day to approve or additional documents if you're using a trademark logo.

Q How to send a gift to someone and not see the price?

Once you've completed the design and ready to checkout. There are steps to consider during checkout. In the shipping are the options. To add a note, message and send as a gift.

Q Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, unless a country is forbidden by the US laws. As this is our logo, the process is handled by our providers, partners of whatever item you've selected. Rest assured, everyone on the teams is ready to serve.

Q What is the Purple Hippo all about?

In short, it's lost it's color somewhat as it started out as purple back in 2004. The Purple Hippo Store has been around a long time. There's a city just outside of Austin, Texas that has a hippo as their logo and everything in the town was orange. You don't see too many orange logos, did not want to copy the city etc.. so we made it unique. Well, not too many liked it. But, we loved it and so have many others. As we're happy to share out logo we invite you to build to your hearts content.

Q Are there refunds?

See the item your designing for specifics as each vendor in the market ie: what our logo is built on coffee mug, t-shirt etc.. update the material, details etc.. there are policy and terms on the The Purple Hippo Store at the footer.

Q Do you get paid for cups sold etc?

Yes, of course that's how we pay for our on going projects. We're paid a commission that's based on the item, labor etc.. our prices are low but not the lowest. We think our hippo is unique enough to help cover the cost of our servers.

Q Who handles support?

Support is handled via the market website. The Purple Hippo Store is a store in an online market. We can't stock all those 1000's of items. But, we can make 1 custom item, ship it to you at very affordable prices.

Q Can I get a discount?

Check the website daily for our daily discounts!

Q Can I make my own store?

Yes, you need to be at least 13 and there are some other terms you need to read to understand the rules of the road. We have a special link that you can use to save up to 30% on your 1st purchase. It's best to buy something, send it to yourself and test it out. Then you'll have your account and ready to start building your own store.

Q What's the special link to make my own store?

Please visit this link, wait for a second while it opens a popup - or make sure to allow it as you need to opt-in to register your account anyway. Then, you'll be emailed a code to check out with.

Min purchase required, see the site for details as it will depend on your purchase. This offer is subject to change, it's current as of Nov 22, 2022.

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