Local Texas Business

Local Texas Business

This directory is for businesses with locations in Texas. Other locations, states will not be listed. Possibly banned on both directories for SPAM.

My business is located in Texas

Local City Business

Local City Business Directory

For all who are not located in Texas, please select this directory as it’s new and ready for business listings and yes, it also has a Free Listing option!

My business in one of the 49 other states.


The TEXAS Directory is  dedicated to businesses located or operating within the State of Texas.

Sure, we can help you. Please submit your 1st or main location and then contact us regarding your remaining locations. You can send a spreadsheet of locations, details as we might be able to bulk import them for you. Simply email us at support@localtexasbusiness.com and someone will assist you within 1 business day or less.

If your business is not located or operate out of Texas then please submit your business to the new Local City Business Directory we created due to so many request for listings not in Texas.

When a new business listing is submitted it’s placed in Pending Status until admins can review, approve the listing. This process can take 1 – 5 business days.

Reasons listings not approved:

1. Duplicate submitted listings.
— If abused, can result in ban of the actual live listing.

2. Incomplete, lazy, robotic submitted listings will be trashed.
— It’s a free listing, please take time to be correct as possible.

3. Not located in Texas.
— Will not be added to the directory of course.
— Please use Local City Business
— Must be in USA for City Listing 🙂

4. Wrong size images, blurry, etc are not able to be activated.
— Logo and Featured Image = 500X450 px
— Please do not submit massive images they will be trashed.
— Help us keep the directory awesome with great images too!
— Need help with logo? Contact us.

5. If your not sure, just contact us above we’re more than happy to assist.

Please do not upload huge images for the directory. Keep in mind cell phones are most common used. Images need to be optimal size to fit and load quickly.

Logo = 250 X 250 px
Featured Image = 500 X 500 px
Photo Gallery = 800 X 800 px * Upgraded Listing

Template Guide


Template Guide


The Local Texas Business Directory has had so many request to be listed outside of Texas that we created a new directory. Thank you for all the support and growing with us! We look forward to working with your businesses as we have many new features in route for 2021-2022.

I need assistance or have multiple locations throughout Texas and or other States.
Contact Support.