Local Texas Business was founded in Austin, Texas by Scott Lawrence. He was born in Mission and began life as a very young freelance contractor mowing yards for movie money at age seven. He’s also a heck of an karaoke singer. Evolved into providing affordable web development services. He attended the School of Hard Knocks while on the road traveling with family for most of his youth. Excelled in Electronics, Software, Customer Service, Animation and Film Editing.

Though he planned to go into Air Force, Scott instead was offered a lifetime chance to work for the largest telecommunications companies in the world at the age of 16 as a contractor during summer. Over the years he changed jobs and careers trying to find what he enjoyed the best. In 2004, he took his knowledge and created Snerdey Web Designs.

He now has his own network of sites providing various web related or completing projects for clients. Local Texas Business is our BIG TEXAS way of paying it forward! His Forever Free Plan is something that is being offer to help our local Texas businesses.

He also leads a team of programmers, coding specialists, web designers, providing awesome websites at affordable prices.

Scott "Snerdey" Lawrence
Local Texas Business