Liquis was founded in 2002 and offers turnkey facility decommissioning and office liquidation services both nationally and globally.

We specialize in boiler removal, asset recovery and management, office furniture liquidation and much more.

A True Data Center Decommissioning Company
Because of our robust, standardized processes and our breadth of services, Liquis is the top choice amongst data center decommissioning and liquidation companies for businesses requiring decommissioning services, IT asset disposition, data destruction & valuable data recovery, and recycling services.

Liquis quickly liquidates obsolete infrastructure assets via purchases, services, auctions, recycling and more.

A company’s IT assets contain value in the form of data and dollars. Liquis protects this data, returns value for assets, and frees time. We believe in building long-term business relationships by providing exemplary and timely services.

Liquis, founded in 2002, is one of the largest facility and data center decommissioning services companies in the U.S.

Over 300 customers leverage Liquis’ services at single and/or multiple locations worldwide, small or large scale. We tailor our data center decommissioning checklist to best suit each customers’ needs. Our contracts range from equipment and data sanitization from our organization, to multi-facility, large scale businesses.

Our office liquidation staff is professional and courteous, and always in communication with our clients, and our data center decommissioning project manager. We stand by our price quotes and estimates, and follow strict internal best practices to safely complete all projects on time.

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